My Inspiration

2006 Gerald Helland

Gold Leaf Press

Juvenile Fiction


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The year was 1954.  It was a Monday morning and Seth Crandell was already having a bad day.  With just one week to go before his fourteenth birthday, Seth had no idea how quickly and permanently his life could change--not for the worse, but just change.

All he did was go to school that morning, like any other day.  But, something happened that made him see things and people differently.  And then his life began to weave and churn in all sorts of odd directions when he became friends with Haddie, the girl that everybody made fun of and nobody ever talked to.

Seth was sure glad he was no longer like everybody else.

For the rest of the fall school term, Seth and Haddie discovered all sorts of things--about themselves, their families, their community, friendship and especially that things aren't always as you are led to believe--even ghosts!